Tidy Towns — 24 May 2014

The Judging for the National Tidy Towns Competition will start the 1st of June, so we entreat everyone to get their houses & boundary walls painted, their lawns cut & weeded, flower baskets out & keep their areas litter free. We were judged on the 2nd of June last year, even though the adjudicators can visit anonymously anytime from the 1st of June until mid August. Our aim this year is to get a Gold Medal, which we missed out on by 1 mark last year, instead winning a Silver Medal. We feel that Gold is achievable this year, but only with your help.

We’d like to welcome Babs Allen, Sean McCambridge, Kit O’Donnel & Matthew Shiels to Trim Tidy Towns Group, it’s fantastic to have their extra help. Felicity, Shannon & Amanda Carroll are also giving tremendous assistance. But we’d like to especially thank Becky Panic, aged 7 & a pupil of Gael Scoil Na Bóinne for lending her help & collecting our 3rd place prize at the Meath Anti-Litter League Awards which were announced last week.

But we need more help, with this in mind, we’re asking whoever can make it to gather at 9 a.m. in the Castle Carpark on Saturday the 24th of May for a monster clean-up, please bring a yard brush & a shovel/spade & wheel barrow if you have one, if not just bring yourself.

We have 10 additional flower towers being put in place around the town over the next fortnight, they’ll be planted with flowers by the June bank holiday weekend at the same time as our 140 hanging baskets being erected. This will add much needed colour to the streets of the town. We’d like to thank Stephen Nally and Supervalu and Bernadine Carry of Meath County Council for supplying much of the sponsorship for the flower towers.

We call on the political parties to remove all there election posters immediately after the election. We also call on the council to fine any parties that do not do so within 24 hours of polling being closed. Action speaks louder than words & so the candidates can prove how much they care for their town by complying with our request. Remember the ties that hold the posters up also need to be removed and the adjudicators have explained that marks will be deducted to ties remaining on poles. We have already collected a number of posters that have blown off posts in the last number of weeks & hope not to be finding more. Election posters are only litter in our eyes, but unfortunately they are legal, maybe by the next election the political parties will bow to the democratic will of the majority of the electorate and ban them, but maybe not?

We’d also like to offer our condolences to the family of the Late Robbie Griffith. Trim Tidy Towns worked with Robbie over the last number of years on maintaining Newtown Cemetery. Robbie was a great servant to Trim, as well as being one of the most decent and likeable individuals you’d ever come across.

Lastly, if you wish to join the Trim Tidy Towns, please email brianheffernanifg@gmail.com , call Brian at 0868207804 or just ask any of the volunteers that you see working around the town.


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