Photos Trim Living History — 21 February 2014

Few photos from Trim Living History Group













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  1. We went to Trim last month and after missing the castle tour we went to the living history museum. It was not only interesting and informative but the presenter made a lasting impression upon us. I must say that he was the most fascinating person I met on my trip to Ireland. I do not recall the gentleman’s name, but I was intrigued by his knowledge of life in the Middle Ages and the personal way he related things. I felt as if I was actually witnessing history as he spoke. He is pictured on your website wearing a Red Cross and he has blonde hair and speaks with an Irish accent. I would not only like to thank him but think you should advertise him and his most memorable presentation. As we visited other historic sites I was able to picture how life was and the difficulties people faced. Visiting the living historical museum was the best memory ever of Ireland and it’s people, thanks to the wonderful patience and kindness of this gentleman. (This was because I had difficulty with the accent which I enjoyed, but he carefully communicated in other ways for comprehension.). A big THANKS to all of you in Trim and the staff of the museum. You may use my name and email and whatever comments I have made. I would like to know the name of our guide i f this is appropriate, as I live in California USA

    • Thank you for you’re kind comments, they are very much appreciated.. The gentleman you refer to
      is Danny Denman he has worked here at the Visitor Centre for the past two years and is also
      involved with the Living History Group. He will be delighted with your comment.

      Kind Regards
      Rosaleen Moynihan
      Trim Visitor Centre

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