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Step back in time with a Medieval Knight of Trim with a hands on display that lets you feel the heft of a sword, try on a closed helmet and wear chain mail. Trim Living History Group will bring you on a walking tour around Medieval Trim, highlights include: Trim Castle, River Boyne and Sheepsgate, views to the Yellow Steeple, St. Mary’s Abbey and the Crutched Friary.
Tours last approx. 1 hour & are partly outdoors, finishing in Trim Visitor Centre with a display of medieval weaponry.
From the 1st of November until 17th of March the tour includes a walk inside the ancient walls of Trim Castle.
Tours start at 10.30am & 11am daily, midweek only, pre-booking is essential. Access to the Castle grounds is with permission from OPW’s Friends of Irish Heritage.
Contact Trim Visitor Centre at 0469437227 to book your tour.











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  1. i visited the castle in February, with my 12 year old son dressed like a Knight, was a nice experiance for us, the castle is really beautiful!!!
    i suggest the trip to everyone is really nice
    Marco from Italy

  2. I have to say I was very surprised when I visited the centre with my wife louise and our two kids lauren and eoin.
    We were greeted with people wearing medeival clothing. For a small fee we were treated to something very special! Both myself and my daughter were dressed in period clothing and we were talked through the history of the area and the castle.
    We were then treated to a very informative and entertaining tour of the castle with a full interesting history lesson and hilarious anecdotes from the making of braveheart!
    We finished the tour with some excellent food and hot beverages in the visitor centre.

    We couldn’t recommend the tour experience enough, anyone who get’s the opportunity should do this… will not be disappointed.

    Thank you so much,

    Dave louise, lauren and eoin.

  3. We have just spent a lovely morning in Trim.
    The highlight undoubtedly was the great visit to the castle.
    The 2 volunteer guides were great, they made everything so interesting and obviously enjoy their jobs.

    Thank you so much.
    I even got to dress up as a knight!

    Thanks again for a good day, definately to be recommended.

  4. Me and my husband both went on this tour and thought it was great. We learnt a lot about the history of the castle and town and particularly enjoyed getting a hands on experience with the weapons and equipment used. Our tour guide around the castle shred some great stories with us and made the morning very enjoyable and entertaining. Thank you 🙂

  5. We really enjoyed our visit to the castle. Danny was fantastic really brought the life at tha castle to life. Thank you for a entertaining and learning experience.

  6. Me and my son visit the tour, had a very good time, the volunteer guide was really doing a great job and made the morning very entertainment
    Thanks again from Yves and Ken from amsterdam

  7. I was part of a group from The Caravan Club who took the tour on Easter Saturday afternoon. I loved it all, our Knight was so knowledgeable and funny. I ended up in handcuffs! Not to mention stitches. It was a great way to find out about life in medieval times. I feel sure that any children who have enjoyed the “Horrible Histories” series of books would love this – there’s enough blood and guts, not to mention effluent to keep them enthralled. If you go to Trim this is a definite must do.

  8. We spent Easter at the Caravan Club, National Rally at Trim GAA club.
    At the beginning of the rally we were told that Trim people were friendly. They were welcoming, friendly and interested in our organisation and selves.
    On Easter Saturday we went on the Castle walk guided by Paddy. It was excellent. Paddy was very informative and gave a great commentary on all aspects of the castle, its history and the weaponry used at the time.
    Thank you for a great tour and we will definitely be back in Trim

  9. On a recent visit to Trim we took in the History Tour at the Castle. Our guide, Paddy, was super. He was not only a font of knowledge, but was funny and entertaining also.
    The tour is a must for all visitors to Trim Castle, regardless of age.
    We enjoyed the experience so much that we will definitely do it again.

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