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The Trim Heritage Group will host a public meeting and consultation to launch it’s 100 GREAT PEOPLE  initiative. The meeting will be held on Thursday July 25th at 8 PM in the former TIDE building, Maudlin’s, Trim, facilitated in the offices of Midway Services.

Trim Heritage Group recently announced its intention to acquire the remaining 80% share of the former TIDE building (now in the hands of a receiver) and return it to community use as part of a heritage park development planned for the Maudlin’s area of Trim, Co. Meath.

According to Press Officer for the Heritage Group, Paddy Pryle, “This public meeting on Thursday July 25th at 8 PM will give the public a chance to see and hear from the Heritage group the plans for the building/ site. The meeting will also give the people of Trim and South Meath, who are interested in the facilities available to their community, a real chance to engage in this project and an input into the future of this building. On behalf of the group, I urge as many good people as possible to please join with us now. We very much look forward to meeting and engaging with all those interested who choose to attend our open public meeting.”

The Trim Heritage Group wishes to engage with members of the public who are willing to give up an hour or two of their valuable time in a significant way to secure the use and future of this facility for the community. “Without the support of the public and at least 100 great people, our plan for this building cannot be realised.” concluded Mr. Pryle. “We ask for as many as possible to attend this public meeting on Thursday July 25th at 8 PM in the offices of Midway Services Maudlin’s, Trim.”

We wish to acquire the former TIDE building below to facilitate a BIG IDEA from a small group of people in YOUR town of TRIM.

To continue to provide an enterprise and development centre and community resource centre in the former TIDE building. To provide a heritage museum containing artefacts and memorabilia of a past way of life.

A three hectare site adjoining the former TIDE building where we propose to construct an entire working village including cottages, machinery, pet farm and a famine house.

The goal to create jobs – Create Tourism – Create Awareness to a bygone way of life. The support of entire community is fundamental to ensure the success of this project.

Paddy Pryle 087 822 7822
Michael Kenny 087 254 9540
Séamus Ó Droma 086 817 0072


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