Tidy Towns — 18 October 2014

Simon Tierney of OCD Ireland planted at tree at the new linear park at Avondale, Trim, last Thursday (October 16th). On hand to assist with the planting were Eileen and John Eivers of Riverlane Nurseries, members of Trim Tidy Towns, James Murray and Councillor Noel French.

‘Plant a Tree for OCD’ is taking place between October 11th and 18th 2014. This project aims to raise awareness of the mental health illness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Over the course of three years, beginning in October 2014, this organisation, led by recovered OCD sufferer Simon Tierney, will highlight the pervasive nature of the condition across Ireland by planting a tree for OCD in every county in the country.

Armed with 8 young trees, 8 Irish slate plaques, a spade and a big mission, Simon Tierney is travelling the length and breath of the mid and south east this month as he sets out to create an open dialogue about mental health and specifically that of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Simon is keen to stress that there is support available to those who suffer with OCD. OCD Ireland is an organisation that hosts free weekly support groups for sufferers. Information is available at ocdireland.org.
For further information please contact Simon Tierney on 085 7070747 or at tierney.simon@gmail.com

Photo Left to right: Eileen Eivers, John Eivers, Noel French, Jimmy Ryan, Simon Tierney, Brain Loughrey, James Murray, Andrew Tierney and Ben Kitchin.


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  1. I have just enjoyed a little computer trip thru you town of Trim. I believe my great great great grandparents were born there. Ann Brogan and Peter Taylor and married there on 30 june 1846. I dont know when they came to America. I remenber visiting there grave with my family. Some day I hope to visit Trim. I recently found out that is their home town.
    I loved the way you show your town. Wow! Even a day for dogs, and a love for beauty and history. It gives me pride to know that my ggggrandparents came from someplace so lovely. I guess they had their reasons for leaving; like, I have my reasons for wanting to visit. Beautiful website. Thank you

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