Wellington Memorial

Wellington Memorial by James Bell and Thomas Kirk

A Corinthian column, 75 feet high, was erected in honour of the Duke of Wellington at the corner of the Fair Green in Trim. The inscription reads “This column was erected in the year 1817 in honour of the illustrious Duke of Wellington by the grateful contributions of the people of Meath.” The monument was erected on this site because Wellington resided nearby while M.P. for Trim.

The column was designed by a local architect, James Bell of Navangate, and the statue of the Duke is by Thomas Kirk. Thomas Kirk, born in Cork in 1777 was trained as a sculptor in Dublin and was an original member of the Royal Hibernian Academy. He executed a statue of Nelson for Nelson’s Pillar in Dublin and a number of other notables in Limerick and Greenwich.

Other works by sculptors appear in Trim. The reredos of St. Patrick’s Church are by the Pearse brothers. There is a metal salmon created by MOT on the riverside in front of St. Mary’s Abbey. There is a carved tomb known as “The Tomb of the Jealous Man and Woman” at Newtown. Along the river walk to Newtown there are seats bearing lines from the poetry of William Rowan Hamilton.

Written by Noel French