News Videos — 05 May 2016

Cllr. Noel French took to a wheelchair last week to see for himself that Trim needs to improve accessibility for all the community and also for our visitors. “Accessibility for all is important. A local wheelchair user, Ann Burns, asked me to highlight some of the problems she faced and having seen what the Mayor of Navan Sinead Burke, did last year I decided to try out the paths and streets of Trim from the view of a wheelchair user. We were joined by another wheelchair user, Frank Barry and Niamh Clavin of Prosper Meath whose offices are on High Street. ” Prosper Meath’s objective is to make the lives of people with disabilities better. ““It was an eye opener – situations that I would have just easily adapted to on two legs and not even given a second thought was a different proposition when faced on four wheels.”


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  1. I was wondering if there a reputable pant hire company around trim that hires out large excavators. We have a job coming up in the area that involves fitting accessibility ramps and wanted to hire close to the site.

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