News — 07 June 2014

Funding of €10,000 has been granted to Meath County Council and Trim Tidy Towns for the development of looped walks in the Porchfields. Four trail walks will be located in the historic Porchfields, encompassing the grounds between Trim Castle and stretching to St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in Newtown, Trim. This series of well marketed walks are in alignment with the National Trails Office and Irish Sports Council strategy and vision.

There will be three main trailhead signs which will include detailed walk maps and specifics designed to enable the trail user to determine suitability of trails for their specific usage, etc

Approximately 26 directional waymarker signs will show direction arrows including color of the specific trails. There will be a new entrance gate at Porchfields, at the Cow Pen – near intersection of Navan Road/ Trim By Pass Road.

The new trails will enable users to get a historical appreciation of the Porchfields by providing its connections to the structures and antiquities and provide the story of what life was like in medieval Trim and Newtown communities outside of the Castle. Information will be interpretive in nature for locals and visitors.

Trim loop walks will enable local inhabitants, region and national visitors to be ensured of safe and well documented opportunities for physical activity to support overall health and well-being,

By inclusion of Trim Trail Walks on tourist websites and internationally recognized sports promotional vehicles, besides learning of the local history, culture, flora and fauna of Trim, tourists will be informed of their ability to engage in physical exercise when they choose to visit Trim as a part of their holiday plans. (includes coach, short stay and passing tourists)

Trails will provide increased volumes of activity in the town, thus promoting local commerce and initiatives by local businesses in support of rural economic sustainability. At present the nearest loop walks to Dublin, other than Wicklow, are Donadea Forest Park in Kildare & Girley Bog in Meath, so the creation of this new loop walk in Trim, will mean that Trim will have an added advantage when trying to attract recreational visitors from Dublin.

Formal designation of this series of trails benefits the community and visitors with biodiversity education, making them aware of the wildlife, flora and fauna surrounding them while taking a lovely walk through the history of Trim.

A spokesperson for Trim Tidy Towns welcomed the news. “It was a project we had been working on for a number of years and one of our committee members, Stephanie Gallegos, researched and developed the proposal. We would also like to thank the Town Clerk, Fiona Skehan for all her work on the application. Bernadine Carry and Loreto Guinan of Meath County Council also assisted in the application. ”

Deputy Ray Butler has welcomed the announcement of €10,000 in funding for Meath County Council and Trim Tidy Towns for the development of a series of looped walks in the Porchfields. The funding comes as part of a €3 million Public Area Enhancement Scheme announced by Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan TD.

“This funding can be of huge benefit to local community groups involved in the Tidy Towns competition, who do great work on all our behalf. Living in clean and tidy communities greatly improves our quality of life.” said Deputy Butler.

Councillor Noel French welcoming the work said “I am really pleased to see this extra funding being granted for the development of trails in the Porchfields. The work of Trim Tidy Towns is crucial to the tourism potential of Trim, as it ensures our town looks the best for visitors.”


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  1. this is great when will they be done an will you be able to go on them on a mobility scooter like the other walk along river out to new town

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