News — 06 June 2015

The St. Mary’s Convent Primary school choir was formed in February 2014 by Ms. McKenna and Ms. O’ Connor and now after many years the tradition of producing a musical within our school has once again been revived. The choir is made up of girls from 5th and 6th class who have been working hard over the past few months. These very talented girls are set to wow you in this home grown musical production written and directed by Debby Walsh, choreographed by Ms. O’ Connor and musically directed by Ms. McKenna.

“Follow The Yellow Brick Road” is not your conventional musical. It brings a combination of no less than eight different musicals to the stage in one show. Creating a production of this kind showcases the exceptional individual talents of the cast. In this unique production we delve into musicals of old and new. It also awards the girls with a golden opportunity to perform songs that they might not have been familiar with previous to our school musical.

The story follows the character of Dorothy who is trying to find her way back to Kansas. As Dorothy embarks on her journey along the yellow brick road she is met by a variety of characters from other musicals such as Mary Poppins, Oliver, The White Rabbit and Aladdin to name a few. “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” is an exciting production steeped in music, song and dance. It promises to be a great night of entertainment.

Saint Mary’s Convent Primary School looks forward to seeing you there.


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